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Going beyond the current boundaries of farming to create food in a more sustainable way.

Would you feed your body with semi-synthetic bioengineered organisms to save the earth? The European union wants to make Europe the first emission-free continent. They want to do this with new European guidelines about sustainability called the ‘green taxonomy’. It should establish sustainability for the entire European economy starting 2021. It will be the law that will control al laws. Biodiversity and agriculture are the first to be adressed and this is no surprise. The food industry is one of the most polluting industries. Destroying natural habitats, using around 50% procent of the habitable land, polluting air, soil and water and overusing natural resources. It is time to rethink the ways we source, grow and consume our foods. Technologies like GMO’s, CRISPR and synthetic biology could help us with growing and sourcing our food in a more sustainable way. But in the EU there are very tight restrictions on technologies like these. With this project Daphne wants take back the agency to explore the ways in which synthetic biology could help us, by creating multiple theory-fictional solutions.

“What if we would source and grow sustainable food for humans to eat while we leave the natural habitats to flourish? For humans and nature by humans and nature.”