The nitrogen crises

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In collaboration with Sam Oazzouz.

Nettle is a project that researches the cleaning qualities of the nettle and materialises everything that the nettle has to offer. The goal is to not only make a renewable material to put back into the industry but, also use the cleaning qualities of the nettle to clean the grounds from their high levels of nitrogen.


Research has shown that the Netherlands is producing to much nitrogen and is therefore in a nitrogen crises. Nitrogen oxides are emitted by industry , traffic and agriculture. There are plant species that grow better from the high nitrogen levels than others. These plants overgrow the ones that don’t. Stinging nettles, for example, overgrow orchids and grasses are increasingly seen in places where the heath used to bloom. This also effects the habitat of animals and leads to loss of biodiversity and nature therefore ultimately consists of fewer species.




Thusfar we have discovered that we can use the following materials from the netlle.

Through researching and testing we have discovered that with these parts of the nettle you can do the following: make water based glue, compress the fibers, use the fibers to make fabric, make poly lactic acid and use the chlorophyll for colouring.


Barbara Schrammeijer
Danitsja de Nooijer
Dion Hertog
Alyce Bijsterbosch