Daphne Kusters

Daphne Kusters is a transformative designer. She is a ‘magical realist’ that sees the world as an endless opportunity for learning, discovering and truth-seeking. Infusing everyday life with the beauty and wonder of imagination.

Her empathy, depth of sensitivity and perception is something you will always feel when you engage with her work. Her interest lies in the relationship between Culture, Nature and Technology. Focusing on topics such as anthropocentrism, plant philosophy, bio-design, biomimicry, synthetic biology and natures phenomena. She dreams of a future where Nature is fully intertwined in our every day lives.













Based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

+31 (0)6 34 81 81 83













2017-ongoing, Willem de Kooning academy, transformation design

2013-2017, Sintlucas, Stand-,Store, Set- construction and product design











March, 2019, The new institute, Rotterdam, the netherlands

Museum night/Night stories, ‘From the inside out’ with Lucca kroot.